6 Counseling Rumors about Accepting Health Insurance

From recent graduates to seasoned clinicians, today it seems that everyone in part- or full-time private practice is asking the same question: “Should I accept health insurance?”

It’s a complicated question. The decision whether to accept third party payments will have a big impact on your counseling practice. The question is made even more difficult as there isn’t just a lot of information to consider—there is also a lot of misinformation about working with insurance companies.

Below are a few semi-misguided statements I’ve heard from counselors worried about accepting insurance. I’ve tried to provide a helpful response to each statement:

1) “I’ve heard I should stay away from accepting insurance.”

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Getting On Insurance Panels is a Process!

Hi Readers, we’re working on some new articles for you this week. But for now, check out a great article just published at Thriveworks! It’s no secret that therapists loath the process of getting paneled with insurance, so much so that some counselors decide against it (we don’t recommend this).

If you’re in this position, maybe you’ll find the new article encouraging:  https://thriveworks.com/provider-credentialing-insurance-panels/