How to Thrive in Counseling Private Practice: The Insider’s Guide

As counselors, when we venture into private practice for the first time, we make the difficult transition from technician to entrepreneur. The immensity of this transition cannot be overstated.

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You will learn:

(1) How to build a profitable practice will little or no upfront money.

(2) How to market your practice, so that you build a full caseload quickly.

(3) How to price your services, so that you earn the money you need to live the lifestyle you want.

(4) how to… Oh heck, why don’t I just show you the Table of Contents!? ….


101: Planning a Private Practice

Lesson 1: Prelude & Introduction

Lesson 2: Should I Start a Private Practice?

Lesson 3: The Bootstrapper’s Approach to Private Practice

Lesson 4: Business, Risk, and The Counselor

Lesson 5: How Much Money Can I make in Private Practice?

Lesson 6: Six Rumors About Accepting Health Insurance


201: Building a Private Practice

Lesson 7: A Case for Accepting Clients’ Health Insurance

Lesson 8: The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing a Cash Pay Practice

Lesson 9: 17 Reasons Your Insurance Claims are Denied

Lesson 10: Fee Setting for Records Requests, Court Appearances, and More

Lesson 11: How to Specialize Your Practice

Lesson 12: Why the Life Coach is Eating the Counselor’s Lunch!

Lesson 13: Creating a Counseling Office that Wows Clients

Lesson 14: Making Good First Impressions: 9 Practical Tips

301: Growing a Private Practice

Lesson 15: Forty Strategies for Building a Full Caseload

Lesson 16: Private Practice and Social Marketing

Lesson 17: How to Prevent and Manage Negative Online Reviews

Lesson 18: Improving Client Retention: 7 Ethical Strategies

Lesson 19: Protecting Client Privacy in the Electronic Age

Lesson 20: Electronic Health Records in Today’s Private Counseling Practice

Lesson 21: Should I Grow my Solo Practice into a Group Practice?

401: Online Counseling – A Primer

Lesson 22: Clinical Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Counseling

Lesson 23: Online Counseling: Looking Back 10 Years

Lesson 24: What Online Counseling won’t do for Your Practice

Lesson 25: How to Become an “Online Famous” Therapist

Lesson 26: Online Networking with Counseling Clients

Lesson 27: Words of Encouragement

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