Private Practice Marketing

With Thriveworks’ Private Practice Marketing, we promote your practice, taking into account your practice’s needs and goals for growth. We provide high quality marketing solutions that produce a positive brand image–and a positive ROI.

Thriveworks’ Marketing offers an affordable way for you to promote your private practice, while still being able to see clients without breaking the bank to do so. Some companies will charge $2,000 just to get set up for marketing with an additional $600 a month for a professional package. In many cases, these “services” will simply be generic software to promote your business that you will be paying too much for.

The problem is that these companies do not know the intricacies of private practice. They may have worked with restaurants and Fortune 500 companies, but rarely do they mention “private practice” on their client/partners page. Additionally, you are still doing all the work! You payed an endless sum of money to promote your own practice – all you got was the hassle of working with their software.

We know from Experience.

At Thriveworks Private Practice Marketing, we understand how to promote your private practice quickly and efficiently. We have faced the difficulties you are facing – how do you promote your practice when you are seeing clients? How do you afford to promote your practice when you have very few clients? How do you actually get the phone to ring and increase cash flow?

We’ve been there. We started a practice on Harvard Square, and through hard work, we learned what works and what doesn’t. We have successfully grown a large practice in the city of Cambridge – and now in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Richmond and Westborough.

What can we offer you? If you do not have a website, we have front-end specialists and back-end guys that know how to build you a great site that will reflect your great practice. Also, we don’t just build you a site, we make sure that website ranks high on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Through high-quality content, social media management, online directory listings, email promotion and third-party promotions, we make sure that your phone rings.

Already have a website? Our marketing team can conduct an SEO audit of your site, helping your target keywords rank on search engines. Additionally, you will gain access to professionally designed brochures, business cards, signage and other promotional documents.

Using Thriveworks’ Private Practice Marketing, we execute effective marketing for a fraction of what an outside agency would cost.
Contact us today at 1-855-4-THRIVE to get your practice growing.