Start and Grow a Private Counseling Practice with Thriveworks

Are you looking to start, build, or grow a counseling practice?
Are you struggling to get off the ground and build your caseload?
Are you thinking about converting a successful solo practice into a larger group or agency?

If the answer is yes, consider opening a Thriveworks franchise. Thriveworks is a mental health counseling chain with 150+ locations nationwide. We are growing every day and we want well-qualified franchisees to join our team. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • A successful business model
  • Ongoing training
  • Scheduling support
  • Web and marketing services
  • Collaboration with other franchisees
  • A strong mission and brand identity

If you’re interested in joining us and owning your own Thriveworks franchise, send in your application. You can submit your application or find out more here:

Start Your Counseling Practice as a Franchise

Meet Mike. Mike is a counselor and has always wanted to have his own counseling practice. Like anyone getting started, Mike wants to make sure that he hits the mark and builds a successful practice.

However, like many, Mike is overwhelmed with the enormity of starting a new business. From practice management, to marketing, to hiring help, Mike can tell that it will take him years to learn everything he needs to know; and the potential mistakes could cost him financially.

Then, Mike hears about Thriveworks’s franchise opportunities. Thriveworks is a chain of counseling practices with 150+ locations.

Here’s how it works. Thriveworks provides you with:

1. A Proven and Successful Business Model.

2. Operations Support, Including Scheduling, Marketing, and More.

3. A Strong Brand Message, Mission, and Online Presence.

With Thriveworks, you’re never on your own. From the support you receive from Thriveworks HQ to its active franchisee community. With Thriveworks on your side, you have more time to focus on your clients and build your clinical team.

You’ll experience start-up and ongoing training as well as continual support from your Thriveworks team.

With Thriveworks behind him, Mike is no longer on his own, and his practice is “thriving.” 

Getting started is easy! Contact us for more information, learn the steps, and apply to open your own franchise.

To learn more visit

Start Your Practice as a Franchise

Thriveworks Counseling and Life Coaching is now Franchising in 40 States.

Starting a counseling therapy practice today isn’t easy. In fact, many practices struggle for years as the owner/operators try to figure out the nuances of providing an exceptional clinical experience, while also running an excellent business. Areas where therapists can struggle include:

  • Medical Credentialing
  • Medical Billing
  • Client Scheduling
  • Client Retention
  • Client Experience
  • Office Location Selection
  • Website Management and Promotion
  • Marketing
  • General Operations

Thriveworks now offers well-qualified applicants the opportunity to own a Thriveworks Counseling franchise.

This turn-key solution can help therapists provide an exceptional therapy experience to clients while simultaneously running a successful clinical practice. For more information, contact us at 1-855-4-THRIVE.

Thriveworks Is Opening Counseling Franchises

start a counseling practice beautiful offices

Thriveworks is excited to announce that we are in the process of Franchising!

What Does This Mean?

Thriveworks Counseling is excited to offer qualified applicants the opportunity to own a Thriveworks franchise! This allows therapists to focus on providing valuable mental health services to their clients while also running a successful clinical practice.

Can You Give Me All the Details?

Thriveworks franchises receive support from the entire Thriveworks community. You can look forward to scheduling assistance, marketing help, collaboration with other franchise owners, and more.

Why Would Someone Want to Own a Counseling Franchise?

That’s a great question. A counseling franchise allows clinicians to focus more on what they love (seeing clients) and less on developing business operations. In general, a franchise is supposed to be a turn-key business, which means a franchisee won’t need to “re-invent the wheel.” Often, with many franchises, the franchisees also benefit from ongoing business support.

Stay Connected!

If you are interested in starting your own Thriveworks franchise, give us a call or visit

How to Thrive in Counseling Private Practice: The Insider’s Guide

As counselors, when we venture into private practice for the first time, we make the difficult transition from technician to entrepreneur. The immensity of this transition cannot be overstated.

Learn More: Counseling Private Practice Book

You will learn:

(1) How to build a profitable practice will little or no upfront money.

(2) How to market your practice, so that you build a full caseload quickly.

(3) How to price your services, so that you earn the money you need to live the lifestyle you want.

(4) how to… Oh heck, why don’t I just show you the Table of Contents!? ….


101: Planning a Private Practice

Lesson 1: Prelude & Introduction

Lesson 2: Should I Start a Private Practice?

Lesson 3: The Bootstrapper’s Approach to Private Practice

Lesson 4: Business, Risk, and The Counselor

Lesson 5: How Much Money Can I make in Private Practice?

Lesson 6: Six Rumors About Accepting Health Insurance


201: Building a Private Practice

Lesson 7: A Case for Accepting Clients’ Health Insurance

Lesson 8: The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing a Cash Pay Practice

Lesson 9: 17 Reasons Your Insurance Claims are Denied

Lesson 10: Fee Setting for Records Requests, Court Appearances, and More

Lesson 11: How to Specialize Your Practice

Lesson 12: Why the Life Coach is Eating the Counselor’s Lunch!

Lesson 13: Creating a Counseling Office that Wows Clients

Lesson 14: Making Good First Impressions: 9 Practical Tips

301: Growing a Private Practice

Lesson 15: Forty Strategies for Building a Full Caseload

Lesson 16: Private Practice and Social Marketing

Lesson 17: How to Prevent and Manage Negative Online Reviews

Lesson 18: Improving Client Retention: 7 Ethical Strategies

Lesson 19: Protecting Client Privacy in the Electronic Age

Lesson 20: Electronic Health Records in Today’s Private Counseling Practice

Lesson 21: Should I Grow my Solo Practice into a Group Practice?

401: Online Counseling – A Primer

Lesson 22: Clinical Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Counseling

Lesson 23: Online Counseling: Looking Back 10 Years

Lesson 24: What Online Counseling won’t do for Your Practice

Lesson 25: How to Become an “Online Famous” Therapist

Lesson 26: Online Networking with Counseling Clients

Lesson 27: Words of Encouragement

Learn More: Counseling Private Practice Book

Medical Billing Service Website

Medical billing is important to every counseling practice out there. However, implementing a successful medical billing plan or process isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are medical billing teams dedicated to helping people with this very problem. If you need medical help, consider our friends at They can help you improve medical billing collections.

Richmond Counseling Practice – Starting 2012!

UPDATE: Thriveworks has opened three offices in Richmond, VA. We have an office on Markel Rd., an office on Franklin St. in Shockoe Bottom, and an office on West Broad St.

Thriveworks is planning to launch its third counseling location, in 2012, in Richmond, Virginia. This recent announcement came on the heels of the opening of their second location, in Philadelphia, PA, in January of this year. While an official address has not been announced, a website provides details and a general overview of the new practice. The new Richmond counseling office is expected to open for business this spring.

Learn more here: Richmond Counseling

Building a Counseling Practice with Thriveworks: Video!


Thriveworks was built on a big, important mission: Helping people live happy, successful lives. We do this by connecting people with skilled and caring licensed mental health professionals. We further help our clients by providing them with exceptional customer support that makes scheduling an appointment easy.

Do you want to join our team by opening your own Thriveworks franchise? Click here to get started or watch our video above to learn more about how Thriveworks is helping people live happy, successful lives.

Counselor Medical Billing: 3 Important Questions to Consider

For your counseling practice, your medical billing team can be a huge strength and asset, or a nightmare. Too often it is poor billing processes that destroy therapy practices. Consider these 3 questions:

  1. Are you receiving payment for your claims?

Obviously, the point of medical billing is to get paid for your work. But what is reasonable to expect?

A: You are doing well if you receive between 96 to 99 percent of claims, or better said, percentage of money from claims. I make this distinction because if you’re billing for different services, and you’re getting paid on your small claims, but not your high-fee claims, you could potentially have a high percentage of claims paid, but a lower percentage of total money in the door.

A quick note: having 100% of claims paid is always what you’re aiming for–that would be ideal. But in the imperfect system you’re working with (healthcare), be satisfied if you’re receiving 98%.

Consider it a Red Flag is you’re receiving under 95%

If you’re at 94%, don’t panic, but it’s time to look closely at your reports, and determine where you’re losing 6%, so that you can make changes.

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Online Social Networking with Counseling Clients: Six “Facebooking” Rules

I have profiles on Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, Technorati, Ning, Squidoo, XING, Yahoo Answers, MySpace, Yedda, Furl, Blogger, WordPress, StumbleUpon,, Yelp, Knol, Facebook, Orkut, Foursquare, and Skype… to name a few.

Most of these accounts I hardly use. Several I’ve been on once to create the account and only remember them when I receive email newsletters, which I unceremoniously delete. And, now that I’m thinking of it, a few of the above sites might be defunct by now.

Students and colleagues have been finding me online for several years, so I’m used to getting the occasional “friend request” from someone I have taught or worked with. However, more and more often I am receiving social networking requests from clients—either my own, or from clients of other providers. This poses some clinical and ethical considerations.

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